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Our vocation is to manage communities

We are aware that most of these are in buildings of the 20th century, and even some older ones, in
Barcelona. Maintenance already is an imperative and, likewise, we strongly believe in being
proactive in this sense.

Since 2019 we offer a Facility (*) to the owners of real estate at zero cost

Take care of the good state of conservation and maintenance of the house / building in which we reside is essential for safety, quality of life, comply with the required legal regulations, and also, take care of the value of your real estate assets, from a point of view of greater efficiency, environmental sustainability and savings. CaRe Service is a tool that we make available to owners, and in the case of Owners Communities in those of their representative, the President, for the convenience of all owners and residents, in the form of a preventive maintenance review.

Our team visits the building and reviews its state of maintenance and the fulfillment of all contracted services (cleaning, elevators, lighting, enclosures) and constantly assess the status of all these services, transferring the detected needs to the owners, and proposing resolution plans for the incidents that are detected.

What do we do?

We visit the building and prepare a report for the President and the Officer Administrator of each Community. We offer an email account to collect the suggestions, concerns, proposals and / or complaints of the proprietary clients. In this way, in a systematic, planned and proactive way, we take care of the state of conservation of the house, and we propose the possible measures corrective measures in coordination with all those involved: President of the Community, owners, neighbors, installers, contracted services, suppliers and administrator officer

✓ Access
✓ Cleaning
✓ Gardening
✓ Elevators and forklifts
✓ Fire prevention facilities
✓ Mailboxes
✓ Emergency kits
✓ Signage
✓ Skylights
✓ Tightness
✓ Energy efficiency
✓ Locker room
✓ Order
✓ Wiring
✓ Paint condition
✓ Uniformity
✓ Esthetic
✓ Security
✓ Assistance to the elderly
✓ Ramps
✓ Railing
✓ Urbanity
✓ Divisional accountants
✓ Records
✓ Opening mechanisms
✓ Anti vandalism measures
✓ Graffiti cleaning